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Announcing Cell & Gene Day – May 11, 2023

2023-04-19T14:19:44-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

Even as cell and gene therapies inspire hope for patients who previously had none, the path to commercialization is littered with roadblocks. There is a pressing need for increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and innovative approach to pricing and access. How are leading CGTx innovators approaching these challenges?  Find out at Cell & Gene Day 2023, a free virtual event. 


On-Demand: Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges for Advanced Medicines

2022-11-03T10:27:15-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events|

Sponsored by Precision ADVANCE, this Endpoints webinar with convene leading advanced therapy experts to discuss manufacturing strategies for next-generation medicines. This discussion will be moderated by Adam Pfeiffer (VP of Strategy, Project Farma), and include insights from Charlie Harper (VP, Project Farma), Brian Stamper (VP of Cell Therapy Operations, Immunomic Therapeutics Inc.), Jim Watson (VP, Project Farma), Brian Riley (Chief Manufacturing Officer, Beam Therapeutics), and Chad Salisbury (SVP, Project Farma).


Publication: Rare Disease on Payer’s Minds

2022-06-30T11:43:35-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

As payers began to deal with increased costs in 2021 due to deferred care during the COVID-19 pandemic, they still continued to grapple with the prospect of the impact of future gene therapies’ cost, according to industry experts. Precision’s Phil Cyr (SVP) and Erin Lopata (VP, Access Experience Team) weigh in on new ways to pay for the potential flood of gene therapies for rare diseases brewing in the pipeline.


On Demand Panel: Meeting on the Med, 2022

2022-06-29T14:52:49-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events|

This panel discussion, at ARM’s 2022 Meeting on the Med conference, focused on the sector’s continued success and challenges that lie ahead in research and development, manufacturing, regulatory, pricing, and reimbursement. Watch our panel of industry experts discuss the future of advanced medicines with emerging technologies like gene editing, non-viral delivery methods, and allogeneic cell therapies.


On-Demand: Public Markets’ Impact on Manufacturing Advanced Therapies


Commercial viability for cell and gene therapy requires the right approach to manufacturing. This webinar, sponsored by Project Farma and Precision ADVANCE addressed public market trends and their impact on the decision to manufacture cell and gene therapies internally or with an external supplier such as a CDMO. Our panel of experts discussed their organizations’ pipeline, the advanced therapy investment landscape, and the regulatory, manufacturing, and commercial requirements for successfully bringing an advanced therapy to market.


Publication: Value of a Cure for Sickle Cell Disease in Reducing Economic Disparities

2022-06-17T10:01:00-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

If a genetic therapy was created to cure sickle cell disease, how might this affect the productivity and earnings of an individual with the disease? How might this change also affect wider economic disparities? PRECISIONheor’s Marlon Graf (Senior Research Economist), Rifat Tuly (Research Scientist), and Jeff Sullivan (Senior Director) recently constructed a model to answer these impactful questions.