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On-demand Webinar: 2020 Social Determinants of Health Series–Assessing and Addressing Social Determinants of Health During a Pandemic


This second webinar in our SDOH series will feature KOLs emphasizing applied learnings in the SDOH and population health fields. The session will address collaborative patient engagement: how styles of communication, analytics, telemedicine and PHM are tackling social risks and engaging patients in the pandemic/infodemic era.


On-demand Webinar: Planning Successful Studies for Cell and Gene Therapy–What to Know Now

2021-01-13T21:43:38-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events|

Join MassBio and Precision for a one-of-a-kind panel discussion with a unique group of experts in cell and gene therapy studies. These pioneers have been involved in multiple programs that led to FDA-approved cell and gene therapies. They will share lessons learned from experience, giving you actionable insights on every stage of a trial—from the lab, to studies, to logistics and biomanufacturing.


On-demand Webinar: Using HEOR Methods to Reduce Health Inequalities


Current social and political events have brought renewed attention to the levels of systemic inequalities faced by millions of minorities in the United States and around the world. Adding to the discussion, Precision will explore how innovative health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) methods can be leveraged to quantify the full value new treatments that improve health outcomes for underserved communities.


On-demand Webinar: Gene Therapies In Hemophilia


As the first ‘big wave’ in the gene therapy space, onetime potentially curative treatments for hemophilia present a potential revolution for many thousands of patients. However, so far, gene therapies have targeted smaller indications and the prospect of treating much higher numbers at the price benchmarks already set may prove challenging for payers and health systems to provide access.


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