Designed for the changing healthcare landscape.

Precision Medicine Group was founded in 2012 to transform the process of bringing new drugs to market by integrating science, technology, data, and human expertise. We invest organically and acquire capabilities to address the fundamental changes in healthcare necessary for global health and outcomes improvement.

Our Co-founders

Mark Clein and Ethan Leder are experienced entrepreneurs with a 30-year history of creating cutting-edge businesses in the healthcare industry, producing thousands of jobs and significant value for shareholders. Since co-founding Precision Medicine Group, the company has grown to over 3200 employees around the world, all dedicated to the mission of accelerating development and access to breakthrough treatments to improve the lives of patients in need.

Precision Medicine Group Board of Directors

Our board of directors has deep knowledge of the biotech and pharma industry and rich insights on the capabilities required to bring the next generation of novel therapies to market.

Learn more about our leaders in clinical research and development at Precision for Medicine and in commercialization at Precision Value & Health

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