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New Tech on the Rise: The Future of Cell and Gene Therapies Is Here

2023-01-19T07:17:38-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy|

Recent headlines suggest that the biotech industry as a whole is experiencing a downturn, yet in spite of this narrative the momentum for advanced therapies continues to persevere. Many companies in the cell and gene therapy space are dedicated to bringing these novel therapies to the patients who need them. In this article for PM360 Magazine, Precision’s Anshul Mangal explores the breakthroughs taking place in autologous cell therapies, non-viral delivery methods, and gene editing technologies that may improve patient access for life-saving treatments.


Webinar: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to CGTx in 2023

2023-01-25T12:33:53-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events|

Cell & gene therapy advancement has increased at an immense rate over the past decade. With the right tools and guidance, patients can receive new forms of treatments. Staying up to date with progress in the field is as important as ever with the constant strive to improve technology, especially in areas like regulatory pathways, novel technologies, and CMC and manufacturing trends.

Sponsored by Precision ADVANCE, this Life Science Connect webinar will convene leading advanced therapy experts to discuss innovation and expectations for advanced therapies in 2023. This discussion will be moderated by Andy Kinley (VP of Innovation & Clinical Science, Precision for Medicine), and include insights from Peter Andersen (CSO, Vita Therapeutics), Deb Phippard (CSO, Precision for Medicine), Palani Palaniappan (CTO, Flagship Pioneering), Phil Cyr (SVP, Precision Value & Health), and Charlie Harper (VP, Project Farma).


Article: Early Health Economic Models in Gene and Cell Therapy to Inform Clinical Trial Design and Optimize Commercialization Efforts

2022-12-14T10:08:30-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy|

Since the early 2000s, early economic models have been used by many developers as a best practice to maximize development through clinical trial design and commercial success. Early economic models are similar to HTA models in that they assess the direct and indirect costs and consequences of using a new therapy. Based off experience, early health economic models have been particularly useful in three major areas.

  • Assessing commercial viability
  • Developing clinical trial design and evidence-generation strategy
  • Planning for launch preparedness

Ivar Jensen (VP, Precisionheor) is joined by Phil Cyr (SVP, Precision Value & Health) to provide insight on this in “Early Health Economic Models in Gene and Cell Therapy to Inform Clinical Trial Design and Optimize Commercialization Efforts“.


On-Demand: State of the Union for Advanced Medicines

2022-12-05T15:00:44-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy|

Regenerative medicines are evolving at breakneck speed—and every advance has far-reaching implications. To be effective in CGTx development, you also need to understand the current investment landscape, new and exciting technologies, and the latest progress in drug development, manufacturing, regulatory, and reimbursement.

Sponsored by Precision ADVANCE, this Endpoints webinar with convene leading advanced therapy experts to discuss how to be effective in CGTx development. This discussion will be moderated by Anshul Mangal (President, Project Farma & Precision ADVANCE), and include insights from Phil Cyr (EVP, Precision Value & Health), David Greenwald (VP of Business Development, Deerfield Management), Rajul Jain (Managing Director, Vida Ventures), Joseph La Barge (CEO, Apertura Gene Therapy), and Adrian Woolfson (Executive Chairman, President & Co-Founder, Replay Bio).


On-Demand: Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges for Advanced Medicines

2022-11-03T10:27:15-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events|

Sponsored by Precision ADVANCE, this Endpoints webinar with convene leading advanced therapy experts to discuss manufacturing strategies for next-generation medicines. This discussion will be moderated by Adam Pfeiffer (VP of Strategy, Project Farma), and include insights from Charlie Harper (VP, Project Farma), Brian Stamper (VP of Cell Therapy Operations, Immunomic Therapeutics Inc.), Jim Watson (VP, Project Farma), Brian Riley (Chief Manufacturing Officer, Beam Therapeutics), and Chad Salisbury (SVP, Project Farma).


On-Demand: Gene Therapy Roundup—What to know now from the lab to the FDA

2022-11-02T15:59:47-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events|

Gene therapy continues to evolve rapidly – from the science to the regulatory requirements. To give you a greater perspective on recent developments, this panel discussion brings together gene therapy experts across assay development, regulatory submissions, and clinical trial strategy who will share observations from the front lines on a multitude of gene therapy and rare disease projects.


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