Webinar: A Crisis in Rare Disease

2022-09-02T07:58:15-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events, Thought Leadership|

There is a big need for therapeutic advancement in the rare disease community – however, public markets are stifling innovation and development for advanced medicines. This webinar, on Thursday, September 15th, will examine the current markets, their effect on the innovation in rare disease drug development, and what we can do to help.

Sponsored by Precision ADVANCE, this panel features insights from industry leaders on their organization’s pipeline, the advanced therapy investment landscape, and the innovation, manufacturing, and community needs to successfully bring an advanced therapy to market. This discussion will be moderated by Anshul Mangal (President, Project Farma & Precision ADVANCE), and include insights from Alex Karnal (Founder, Braidwell), Chidozie Ugwumba (Managing Partner, Symbiosis), James Wilson (Director, Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn), and Tony Khoury (EVP, Project Farma).

Key points to be discussed:

  • Learn about the current state of investments for the rare disease sector
  • Understand the market’s effect on innovation in rare disease
  • Hear from leading experts on what we do as a community to help drive innovation forward



Conference: CAR-TCR Summit, 2022

2022-09-06T10:01:50-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Events, Thought Leadership|

Precision will be at this year’s CAR-TCR summit on September 19-22, 2022, in Boston, MA. Connect with our team of experts as they lead meaningful presentations and discussions throughout this event providing insights into the clinical development, manufacturing, and commercialization for CAR and TCR therapies.

Speaking Engagements
Detailed descriptions for each speaking engagement are included below. 

  • Precision ADVANCE will hold an Ambassador Reception and panel discussion “Predictions for CAR-T Therapeutic Development” on September 19, 2022, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
  • Precision’s Andy Kinley (VP, Innovation and Clinical Science) will present “Understand the Nuances and Avoid Common Challenges in Cell Therapy Trial Execution” on September 20, 2022, 4:45 – 5:15 pm.
  • Project Farma will be facilitating a plenary panel discussion “Building Next-Gen Commercial Cell Therapy Facilities” on September 22, 2022, 9:00 – 9:30AM.

Connect with our Advanced Therapy experts

  • Visit us at booth A12 in the exhibition area
  • Schedule in-person or virtual meetings by emailing precisionadvance@precisionmedicinegrp.com
  • Attend our ADVANCE-sponsored Ambassador Reception on September 19, 2022 from 6 – 8PM ET

Ambassador Reception and Panel Discussion: Predictions for CAR-T Therapeutic Development
Precision ADVANCE | September 19, 2022, 6 – 8PM ET | Room 300, Hynes Convention Centre

  • Current state of the CAR-T industry
  • Current public markets and their impact on innovation
  • Challenges surrounding manufacturing and other bottlenecks
  • The evolution of reimbursement payment models

Presentation: Understand the Nuances and Avoid Common Challenges in Cell Therapy Trial Execution
Precision for Medicine | September 20, 2022, 4:45-5:15PM EST

  • The key nuances and challenges to executing clinical trials are known and can be planned for early in development
  • The next step in the evolution of cell therapy clinical trial execution is to incorporate new innovations to more efficiently identify sites and patients, increase patient diversity, and reduce site and patient burden


  • Andy Kinley: VP, Innovation and Clinical Science (Precision for Medicine)

Panel Discussion: Building Next-Gen Commercial Cell Therapy Facilities
Project Farma | September 22, 2022, 9:00 – 9:30AM ET

  • Hear from industry experts on their approach to building an innovative cell therapy manufacturing facility
  • Gain key insights into building out infrastructure, proper project workstreams, and quality systems
  • Learn about phased implementation, CQV strategies, and regulatory challenges


  • [Chair] Anshul Mangal: President (Project Farma & Precision ADVANCE)
  • John Khoury: EVP (Project Farma)
  • Aaron Vernon: VP, Technical Operations (TCR2)
  • Sumit Verma: SVP, Commercial Operations, (Iovance)

On Demand: Cell & Gene Day

2022-12-19T13:29:04-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

As a wave of up-and-coming cell and gene therapies eye the path to approval soon, a combination of uncertainties threatens the waters ahead. A lack of talent, shortage of manufacturing, standardization, and shifting infrastructure are just the beginning of a range of potential issues.

Join Endpoints News and Precision ADVANCE for Cell & Gene Day, a free virtual event on August 24, from 12:00-4:00 PM ET where we convene three distinguished panels of experts to find out where the field stands today and explore funding, development, and launch strategies to smooth out the ride to commercialization. You will hear from successful innovators from each facet of the CGTx landscape including executives from Blackstone, Flagship Pioneering, Monograph Capital, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, Satellite Bio, Cellevolve Bio, and more.

Publication: Rare Disease on Payer’s Minds

2022-06-30T11:40:33-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

As payers began to deal with increased costs in 2021 due to deferred care during the COVID-19 pandemic, they still continued to grapple with the prospect of the impact of future gene therapies’ cost, according to industry experts. Precision’s Phil Cyr (SVP) and Erin Lopata (VP, Access Experience Team) weigh in on new ways to pay for the potential flood of gene therapies for rare diseases brewing in the pipeline.


Publication: Value of a Cure for Sickle Cell Disease in Reducing Economic Disparities

2022-06-17T09:45:57-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

If a genetic therapy was created to cure sickle cell disease, how might this affect the productivity and earnings of an individual with the disease? How might this change also affect wider economic disparities? PRECISIONheor’s Marlon Graf (Senior Research Economist), Rifat Tuly (Research Scientist), and Jeff Sullivan (Senior Director) recently constructed a model to answer these impactful questions.

Click here to learn more about the model and the team’s findings.