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On-Demand Podcast: Foundations of Flexible Manufacturing

2021-11-30T09:04:31-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

Is “flexible manufacturing” just another empty buzz concept concocted by the biopharma equipment marketing community, or does it demonstrate real benefit? Business of Biotech Podcast: Episode 69, “Foundations of Flexible Manufacturing” features insights from Tony Khoury (EVP of Project Farma) and Brian Winstead (Senior Director, Facilities & Engineering at Sarepta Therapeutics) on what flexible manufacturing means, when it works and when it doesn’t.


On-Demand Podcast: The CDMO Capacity Crunch

2021-11-04T13:21:57-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

Business of Biotech Podcast: Episode 68, “The CDMO Capacity Crunch” features insights from Anshul Mangal (President of Project Farma and Precision ADVANCE), Audrey Greenberg (Co-founder of Discovery Labs), and Sumit Verma (SVP, Commercial Manufacturing at Iovance) on CDMO buildouts, limited manufacturing space, and the expertise needed to meet timelines, satisfy investors, and drive competitive advantage.


On-Demand Interview: The Science Advisory Board – Precision ADVANCE Aims to Improve Patient Access to Cell and Gene Therapy

2021-10-29T14:51:25-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

Anshul Mangal (President of Project Farma and Precision ADVANCE) and Phil Cyr (SVP, Customer Solutions at Precision Value & Health) sat down with Samantha Black (Editor in Chief at ScienceBoard) to discuss how Precision ADVANCE is driving innovation in the advanced therapy sector by improving patient access through interconnected services across the drug development spectrum. 


Focus on Drug Prices Continues Amid Uncertainty Over Potential Changes

2021-08-19T12:29:37-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

High prescription drug prices continue to be of concern at the federal level. Despite proposed changes to drug pricing policy by the administration and HHS, industry experts question whether any significant changes will occur in the near future. Precision’s Ryan Cox and Erin Lopata weigh in on the factors contributing to the uncertainty about drug policy pricing changes.


What Do Employers Need to Know About Specialty Drugs?

2021-08-09T17:36:25-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

Specialty drugs make up the bulk of the pharma pipeline. These drugs continue to come onto the market with higher and higher price tags, so employers should become more familiar with these therapies in order to properly manage them. Precision’s Erin Lopata and Jorge Font weigh in on the other considerations beyond cost that employers need to know for managing specialty drugs.


White Paper: Engaging With Integrated Delivery Networks to Address the Social Determinants of Health

2021-04-29T17:07:11-04:00Thought Leadership|

Increasingly, stakeholders across the healthcare continuum are recognizing the importance of social determinants of health (SDOH) on outcomes and quality of life.

In this white paper from Precision’s Maureen Hennessey, we use the results of a 2019 PRECISIONvalue survey and a subsequent 2020 post-onset of COVID-19 survey to evaluate perspectives on SDOH and assess the progress of programs to address SDOH.


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