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Simon Fleming Joins Precision

2024-02-13T07:37:58-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News|

Simon Fleming has joined the Precision leadership team as Executive Vice President, Clinical Solutions. With over 30 years of experience leading global functions at a large CRO, Simon’s invaluable expertise will strengthen Precision across multiple fronts. He brings an impressive track record of performance, technical skills, and passion for aligning teams to drive research forward. We are confident Simon will make immediate strategic contributions as we continue advancing and accelerating the development of life-changing innovations.




Precision Medicine Group Releases Its Inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

2023-12-14T08:40:44-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

Precision is proud to have published our inaugural 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to do better for our people, in our practices, and with the broader community at large. This year’s report shares key achievements, performance metrics, and steps we have taken to enhance sustainability throughout the company, including:

· Engaging internal and external stakeholders in our company’s first ESG materiality assessment to identify and prioritize our material issues

· Defining Precision’s approach to ESG in our company’s ESG Strategy Statement · Creating a three-year strategic ESG Roadmap for advancing our performance across environmental, social, and governance issues · Initiating energy efficiency projects and standards across our facilities

· Implementing implicit bias training for our Executive Leadership Team and Human Resources leaders

· Contributing volunteer hours by over 425 employees and over $250,000 in donations to more than 70 charitable foundations and causes



White Paper: Unleashing the Power of Precision Medicine: Radioligand Therapy

2023-11-03T16:36:34-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

This article was originally published on This Month in Transformative Medicine on October 17, 2023

The current standard of cancer care has saved many lives, but these methods often come with incredibly difficult side effects. Advancements in technology have brought new options to cancer care that hope to provide meaningful outcomes while minimizing the impact to the patient’s quality of life.

In this white paper Anshul Mangal, President of Project Farma (PF) & Precision ADVANCE, and Sumit Verma, Co-founder and Partner at Orchestra Life Sciences, discuss the power and potential of radioligand therapies and its impact on the treatment of a number of cancers.


White Paper: Scaling Hope: The Growth of the Allogeneic Cell Therapy Sector

2023-09-22T15:39:39-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advanced therapies, allogeneic cell therapies have emerged as a promising avenue for addressing various disorders, including hematological malignancies, neurological conditions, and autoimmune or inflammatory diseases. With a number of clinical trials underway to evaluate their efficacy, allogeneic cell therapies hold significant potential in reshaping the way we approach treating numerous diseases.

In this white paper, Anshul Mangal, President of Project Farma & Precision ADVANCE and John Khoury, Executive Vice President of Project Farma (PF), discuss the growth of the allogeneic cell therapy sector and its impact on patient access.


White Paper: Cell and Gene Therapies: How High Can Prices Go?

2023-08-11T13:10:02-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

The concept of optimizing CGT value propositions begs the question of what is reasonable when it comes to breakthrough science and unprecedented therapeutic solutions. Can a $5 million price tag be justified? What about $10 million?

This white paper is based on a webinar convened by PRECISIONadvisors, focusing on cell and gene therapy (CGT) pricing. The webinar featured two in-house experts from the PRECISIONadvisors Global Pricing & Market Access practice: Richard Macaulay, Senior Vice President and David Carr, Senior Director.


White Paper: mRNA Innovation Is Revolutionizing Disease Prevention

2023-11-09T08:12:07-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

The first FDA approved mRNA product was decades in the making, following many iterations throughout history the first mRNA vaccine in the US was brought to life. This achievement delivered aid to patients and healthcare providers during the most critical public health crisis in recent years. Since then, researchers have been operating at incredible speeds to develop more novel mRNA treatment options for patients, across many indications.

In this white paper, Anshul Mangal, President of Project Farma & Precision ADVANCE and Chad Salisbury, Senior Vice President of Project Farma (PF), discuss the mRNA revolution and its impact on the future of disease prevention and treatment.


White Paper: Moving Clinical Development Forward in 2023

2023-07-24T21:05:36-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

In today’s cell and gene therapy landscape, there are over 1,400 companies striving to move their products forward into clinic—a critical step in commercializing these groundbreaking treatments. Clinical development is a complex endeavor and the path to market requires careful consideration of factors ranging from chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) and regulatory strategy to study design, CRO selection, and clinical trial diversity.


White Paper: The Price is Right: Cell and Gene Therapy Approvals and Market Access in 2023

2023-07-24T21:06:01-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

Starting health economic evidence development and market access planning as early as possible in clinical development for a cell and gene therapy is important demonstrating the value to payers and health technology appraisal (HTA) organizations. In a dynamic regulatory and market access landscape, balancing the requirements of regulators and the expectations of payors can be challenging since there is no one-size-fits-all approach.


White Paper: The Future is Now: Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation, Challenges, and Perspectives

2023-07-24T21:06:29-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

Cell and gene therapies have the potential to revolutionize treatment of a wide range of diseases. With six new therapies approved in 2022, including the first allogeneic T-cell therapy, and at least as many slated for approval this year, the sector is poised for rapid growth. This innovation comes with challenges, though, and many consider 2023 to be a seminal year for establishing a strong foothold for advanced therapies in mainstream medicine.


Executive Summary: State of the Industry

2023-07-24T21:06:57-04:00Cell & Gene Therapy, News, Thought Leadership|

Tim Hunt, CEO of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), kicked off the event with a briefing on the state of the cell and gene therapy development landscape. With 475 members worldwide, ARM focuses on convening the sector, providing data and analysis, engaging with stakeholders, and enabling the development of advanced therapies. One of their key initiatives is modernizing healthcare systems to enable access to these novel therapeutics. Highlights of this briefing are provided in this summary.


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