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When patients are waiting for life-altering treatments, every milestone is critical. Precision applies demonstrated expertise from quantifying the burden of disease for narrow patient populations to demonstrating and communicating the economic and clinical value of cell and gene therapies, traversing the commercialization landscapes to improve or save patient lives.

70%+ of approved cell and gene therapies commercially launched
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Evidence Solutions and Value Demonstration

Innovative and disruptive technologies like cell and gene therapies face distinct commercialization and access challenges, especially in quantifying value. We surmount these obstacles with credible and relevant evidence that answers the demands of stakeholders from payers to policymakers.

By directly quantifying the previously unknown burden of disease and the corresponding impact of new cell and gene therapies, we turn the conversation to value.

  • Treatment pattern analyses
  • Cost of illness for uncoded rare disease
  • Cost of caregiver burden
  • Patient preference studies
  • Pediatric populations utility measure
We utilize cutting-edge evidence synthesis techniques to prepare for complex and unprecedented coverage conversations and address evidence gaps associated with small patient populations and single-arm clinical trials.

  • Natural history data analysis for synthetic controls
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Expert elicitation in rare disease
  • Network meta-analyses
  • Indirect treatment comparisons
  • Evidence synthesis trial design simulation

Sophisticated modeling methodologies enable us to precisely measure a therapy’s value even in an environment of small patient populations and unknown duration of effect.

  • Cost-effectiveness/cost-utility modeling
  • Budget impact for costly single treatments
  • Cost consequence models

We drive positive payer and HTA appraisals for cell and gene therapy, developing pioneering methodologies and confirming them with real-world evidence.

  • Single therapy ICER review preparation
  • Early scientific meetings with HTAs
  • HTA dossiers
  • RWE duration-of-effect studies
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Pricing and Access Strategy

Our global market access and pricing strategies target the value of cell and gene therapies—as identified by former access decision makers who clearly understand actuarial analyses, payer and policy-maker practices and the most effective levers for coverage and access.

We assess the global market access landscape for cell and gene therapies, refining the unique value drivers, then targeting critical access stakeholders, region by region.

  • Market-specific access assessments
  • Duration-of-effect evidence strategies
  • Coverage challenge evaluations
  • Reimbursement strategies for single treatments
  • Stakeholder segmentation
  • Channel strategies for unique distribution
  • Value end-point assessments
Knowing cost sensitivity carries implications for the uptake and appropriate use of cell and gene therapies, we devise innovative payment mechanisms that maximize availably for patients.

  • Fund flow analysis
  • Contracting stakeholder analysis
  • Single-treatment payment approaches

Cell and gene therapy commercialization and distribution are highly nuanced, and many steps influence access. Critically, patients need support throughout the treatment process; our targeted strategies ensure they receive it.

  • HUB services strategies for coverage requirements
  • Selection of cell and gene therapy-experienced partners
  • Patient support SOP development
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Engagement Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapies

In the uncharted territory of cell and gene therapy, concise and effective communications are essential to reshape the minds of payers, providers, and patients. Our multidisciplinary engagement teams of scientists, former payers and marketing and investor relations specialists deliver.

As authorities in understanding and translating the science of medicine, we develop consistent, compelling scientific and medical communications that clarify the impact of innovative cell and gene therapy.

  • Scientific literature gap assessment
  • Scientific platform, narrative and lexicon
  • Core slide library
  • Publication planning and execution
  • Site training for cell therapies

We infuse your development program with engaged thought leadership, then ensure that key stakeholders have foundational evidence that drives home the value of your cell and gene therapy.

  • Center of Excellence and KOL mapping
  • Value propositions for undertreated diseases
  • Pre-approval information exchange
  • Healthcare Economic Information Exchange Communication
  • Field team training and technical manuals
  • HUB and patient support resources
  • Rare disease education
  • Cost and coverage guide
  • REMS training
  • Peer-to-peer programs

Cell and gene therapies set new standards for care. Our commercialization services turn them into trusted treatments, integrating strategy, creativity, and technology into exceptional brand engagement platforms that change the minds of industry.

  • New standard-of-care brand strategy
  • Small-cohort patient identification and activation
  • Novel product-vision branding
  • Targeted digital programs (web, social)
  • Sales representative aids and tools
  • Congress booths and events

We offer strategic, client-specific, investor-focused advisory services to cell and gene therapy companies across all market capitalizations and stages of development.

  • Messaging and positioning, including investment thesis development
  • Collateral material development: Corporate, quarterly earnings and scientific press release drafting, websites, corporate presentations, regulatory filings
  • Financing strategy and execution: Crossover financings, initial public offerings, SPACs, follow-on financings, M&A
  • Newsflow planning
  • Investor targeting and outreach
  • Sell-side engagement
  • Investor and industry events: KOL events, R&D days, analyst days, events around medical meetings, annual JP Morgan conference
  • Other: Perception studies, peer monitoring, corporate rebranding
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