ESG Policy

Guiding Principles

Precision Medicine Group (PMG) is guided by five core principles. These principles reflect and support our responsibility to our employees, clients, shareholders, and communities to operate our business in an ethical and sustainable manner. We recognize that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors play an important role in the long-term success of our business, and align with our existing, core principles:

  1. Client service: Our high-quality services to our clients empower them to improve the health and wellness of millions of people across the globe.
  2. Purpose: Our purpose and passion for transforming molecules into medicines and trusted treatments help us move science closer to health, benefitting humanity and our communities.
  3. Accountability: We understand that the environment has a critical impact on human health, and our principles require that we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and results.
  4. Mutual Respect: Treating people with mutual respect supports our diverse workforce and inclusive company culture.
  5. Collaboration: We treat our clients and colleagues as partners and empower them to provide the best care to patients.

We believe that PMG is in a unique position to improve human health through our work in supporting the development and commercialization of the next generation of life-science innovations while also embracing an effective ESG program. We believe that improving our ESG performance allows us to attract and retain outstanding employees, create a positive impact in our community, support our clients’ goals, and drive value for our shareholders. This policy outlines our vision, commitments, and strategies for integrating ESG considerations throughout our business.


Our vision is to transform and accelerate the process of bringing new drugs to market by integrating science, technology, data, and human expertise. As a leader in clinical research and commercializing new life-saving drugs, PMG seeks to advance human health through our services, weaving ESG throughout to increase consistency of services, efficiency of processes, and sustainability of resources. We associate caring for our stakeholders with caring for our shared environment.

ESG in Action

In support of this vision and recognizing that ESG issues directly affect human health, PMG commits to:

Environmental: Sustainability in Action
Environmental sustainability in drug development and innovation supports our clients and end users. We understand that the conservation of natural resources can positively affect our operations while improving the health of our communities. Sustainability in action for PMG looks like:

    • Reducing our GHG emissions
    • Purchasing ENERGY STAR® certified equipment, technology, and appliances when possible
    • Ensure e-waste is recycled wherever possible, otherwise disposed responsibly
    • Optimizing physical footprint globally
    • Reducing paper waste by supporting digital solutions.
    • Offering recycling and reusable drinkware to reduce waste at our facilities
    • Providing employee subsidies for sustainable commuting such as mass transit, bicycling, or carpooling
    • Participating in an electric power curtailment program at select labs
    • Installing low flow water fixtures, low power fixtures, daylight harvesting lighting, LED lights, dimmers, occupancy sensors, and zoned air conditioning to save electricity and water
    • Establishing ESG metrics for our supply chain and encouraging our suppliers to incorporate ESG best practices

Social: Humanity in Action
Moving science closer to health requires diverse, equitable, and inclusive strategies and workplaces. We can impact more lives through diversity of thought and experiences that contribute to innovative solutions. Humanity in Action for PMG looks like:

    • Creating an inclusive culture that embraces diverse perspectives and reaches all communities
    • Giving back to our communities through philanthropy, volunteering, and partnerships with community stakeholders
    • Expanding diversity and inclusion efforts for employee retention and recruitment
    • Tracking employee diversity and turnover data to measure progress
    • Supporting employee health and wellness through companywide programs and initiatives
    • Conducting employee satisfaction surveys
    • Collaborating with employee feedback to continuously improve corporate programs and initiatives
    • Facilitating diversity in clinical trials and broadening access to treatments, in partnership with external healthcare ecosystem decision-makers

Governance: Accountability in Action
In respecting our employees, clients, and all stakeholders, we hold ourselves accountable within our workplace, in the outcome of our offerings, and along the supply chain. Integrity drives our high-quality work and transparency. Accountability in action for PMG looks like:

    • Complying with our Corporate Compliance program, all local requirements, and supporting suppliers and partners in doing the same
    • Establishing transparent targets and reporting on progress and goals
    • Protecting health and safety through robust quality management systems
    • Maintaining data privacy for our employees, clients, investors, and other stakeholders
    • Achieving diverse representation on our Board of Directors and senior leadership team

Scope and Responsibilities

This policy applies to all of our employees, suppliers, and contractors worldwide, and all PMG employees contribute to the effectiveness of PMG’s ESG policy. The ESG Committee oversees this policy and is responsible for its implementation across our company. This ESG policy is reviewed annually and will be updated over time to build on our achievements, increase and improve our ESG impacts.