AMCP News&Views caught up recently with Dan Renick, BS Pharmacy, RPh, President of Precision for Value, to get his thoughts on becoming a corporate member and innovations at his company.

N&V: As you considered becoming a Corporate Member, what tipped the scales?
Renick: As managed care pharmacy professionals ourselves, Precision for Value is quite familiar with the great resources and events AMCP offers our audience of customers and colleagues. Our interest in furthering the identification, assessment, and communication of the value of pharmaceuticals aligns very closely with AMCP’s membership. Becoming a corporate member was a natural evolution to support AMCP in this mission while expanding our overall market presence. Being a corporate member has allowed us to more closely engage with AMCP in partnerships, with results that have been mutually beneficial. The emphasis on the value in health care is growing, and Precision for Value and AMCP are recognized leaders in this area. We look forward to continuing our important work together!

N&V: What are your strategies and anticipated innovations for 2016?We have several things we’re excited about for our clients in 2016. We know our life sciences and pharmaceutical clients are concerned about the increased demands by decision makers to demonstrate and communicate the value of medical breakthroughs here in the U.S. and abroad.

Precision for Value has assembled a diverse yet interlocking set of core services led by some of the most recognized experts in the industry to address these challenges. We’ve added remarkable expertise in 2015 that will be fully integrated in 2016, including trailblazers in the generation and synthesis of evidence, an expanded pricing group, and more robust market access tools and capabilities. By combining these experts and proficiencies with our internal team of former payers, we believe we have an unmatched ability to find the key that differentiates a drug, device, or diagnostic in the specific manner that will most resonate with decision makers.

N&V: What’s the one-minute elevator speech about your company?
Precision for Value excels at demonstrating the value of medical innovations to payers, providers, and policy makers. We are expanding to become a global leader in the communication of the clinical, economic, and societal value of new and next-generation medical breakthroughs that more precisely address unmet needs. Unlike other companies that only offer theories on market access, we combine marketplace payer perspectives with insights from the academic and scientific worlds to create compelling information that engages and informs decision makers.