Article: Scrip Asks…What Does 2024 Hold For Biopharma? Part 3: Manufacturing And Supply

2024-01-30T08:32:06-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

Precision’s Anshul Mangal weighs in on what to expect in 2024 regarding biopharma manufacturing and supply-related issues in this Scrip Asks Part 3 series.

“Cell and gene therapies will continue to dominate the innovative clinical pipeline with the largest number of treatments in clinical trials (589 gene therapies and 568 cell therapies). The recent historic landmark of the first CRISPR technology gaining regulatory approval signals confidence in this approach. Additionally, as the adoption of radioligand therapy increases, it continues to show profound potential. One of the most promising aspects of radioligand therapy lies in the potential to create unique combinations of radioactive atoms and targeting molecules tailored to specific tumor types.” (subscription required):


Article: Connecting Institutions and Global Sites: Q&A With Sofia Baig, President of Clinical Solutions at Precision for Medicine

2024-01-24T17:53:03-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy, Thought Leadership|

As clinical trial protocols have become more complex in recent years, institutions are facing new challenges in keeping up with the advancements. In this Q&A, Precision’s Sofia Baig, President of Clinical Solutions, discusses the challenges these institutions are facing, how sites can keep pace with new technologies, and improving efficiency in early and later phase research.


Article: AAV-based gene therapies hold promise for treating CNS conditions

2024-01-04T09:01:10-05:00Thought Leadership|

Meaningful progress is being made in the development of gene therapies for rare neurological diseases caused by single gene mutations. AAV-based therapeutics have been the most successful in vivo gene therapies for patients with central nervous system disorders. Precision’s Deb Phippard identifies challenges to their development with assessing, minimizing and mitigating immunogenicity.


Article: Generative AI Holds the Key to Transforming Trial Design

2023-12-18T11:38:30-05:00Thought Leadership|

Recent AI applications rely heavily on predictive AI, which harnesses historical data to make predictions and recommendations for the future. But what is really propelling the industry forward is generative AI, which uses models or algorithms to create various types of content using learned patterns based on the data on which it was trained.

SVP/Chief Architect Tobias Guennel outlines how generative AI will speed up clinical trial execution as sponsors integrate AI-enabled technologies into their day-to-day workflows.


Article: Anshul Mangal of Project Farma Discusses Policy Strategies to Address the Current Cancer Drug Shortage

2023-11-09T15:48:39-05:00Cell & Gene Therapy|

In September, the American Association for Cancer Research reported that hospitals are facing the worst chemotherapy drug shortage crisis the US has ever seen. Anshul Mangal, President of Project Farma, sat down with AJMC to address the primary reasons for the current cancer drug shortages and how Project Farma is helping to address these challenges.


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