Carving new paths to improve health outcomes

There is one way to cross the divide between medical advances and actual improvements in population health: by establishing the economic and scientific value of innovative therapies to payers, healthcare professionals and patients. Precision Value & Health was created for just that purpose. We are a global group of experts, more than 500 strong, who partner with pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to ensure patient access to life-changing therapies. Together, we are carving a new path, accelerating improved health outcomes so people the world over can live longer, healthier lives.

Science savvy and patient-centric

Across the commercialization continuum, we establish scientific, economic, clinical, and humanistic value so patients can access the medicines they need.

Our comprehensive service offering encompasses science, research, technology, analytics, and communications, all tailored to today’s patient-centric landscape. Precision Value & Health is an augmentation of complementary businesses that work in concert.
Innovative health policy research and economic analysis for influencing policy debates on critical healthcare issues
Our multidisciplinary team serves as your dedicated scientific advisory panel, combining state-of-the-art research methods with insights from industry leaders, academic luminaries, and medical policymakers to tackle complex healthcare questions and deliver evidence that speaks to your audience.
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Global experts in health economic value demonstration, pricing & market access, and commercialization excellence
Precision Xtract is a real-world research, health economics, and payer analytics consultancy that helps the leading pharmaceutical and life sciences companies get innovative therapies in the hands of providers and patients who need them most. Our collection of top-tier scientists, payer and pharma executives, economists, and world-respected academicians assists clients in every stage of the therapeutic commercialization process. From satisfying the increased demand for evidence of effectiveness and value to developing robust pricing and uptake models to delivering access and pull-through solutions critical to supporting market adoption.

For global pharmaceutical, life sciences, and device companies seeking to improve patient health in parallel with commercial success, Precision Xtract is here to help.

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Advancing payer marketing through experiential strategy, effective value demonstration, and market access-focused resource development
The value of innovative medical treatments often begins with cost. As former payers ourselves, we know. So we identify and generate evidence of economic, clinical, and humanistic value, then analyze it to effectively demonstrate the total value of medical innovations—and maximize commercial success.
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Positioning disruptive medical innovations to KOLs, providers, and patients with rigorous science, data, and messaging
Our clients change the standards of medicine. So we give them extraordinary work that changes the minds of the industry, melding strategy, creative, and technology into exceptional brand engagement platforms—clutter-busting marketing that speaks to healthcare providers and patients alike.
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Interpreting and communicating the science of medicine throughout the R&D and commercial life cycle
ETHOS has established itself as an authority in understanding and translating the science of medicine, with more than 120 employees including over 40 with doctoral degrees in science. We reach and inform physicians, providers and other stakeholders through medical affairs and marketing based scientific content.
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The perspective to look at things from different distances to realize their true value.

Healthcare innovations are changing the treatment of acute and chronic disease. However the swiftest course to patient access needs to be charted. We can help by leveraging the requisite expertise from every point along the continuum. The best path is not a straight line but a loop of continuous feedback and adjustments that helps realize the full value of medical innovations—throughout their life cycle.
  • Health economics, outcomes, and epidemiology research services
  • Health policy strategy
  • Statistical services
  • Publication services
  • Global and US pricing
  • Evidence generation optimization
  • Competitive access strategy
  • Customer Insights
  • Cost and coverage pull-through solutions
  • Quality access analytics
  • HCP and direct-to-patient marketing
  • Digital communications
  • Payer value message development
  • Account manager tools, resources, and training
  • Above-brand market development
  • Channel strategy and management
We can help you navigate the entire route to commercialization or meet you at any point along the path.
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We help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies work with global payers to meet evidence requirements and substantiate value. We harness the insights of leading academics, policy makers, and payers themselves to craft messages that communicate compelling value. We build brands and educate healthcare professionals and patients about disease states and the medications that can treat them. Together, we create powerful results.
Precision Acquires Stern Investor Relations, Strengthening Position as Leading Partner to Pharmaceutical and Life Science Companies at All Lifecycle Stages
December 17, 2018 - Precision Medicine Group, LLC. announced that it has acquired Stern Investor Relations, Inc., a leading investor relations firm for entrepreneurial biotechnology and healthcare companies. With this acquisition, Precision will significantly expand its capabilities to include a complete range of strategic communication services, aimed at facilitating capital formation, enhanced client visibility and productive interactions with the financial community. Read more
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Precision Medicine Group is an integrated team of experts in fields from advanced lab sciences to translational informatics and regulatory affairs, payer insights to marketing communications. Together, we help our pharmaceutical and life-sciences clients conquer product development and commercialization challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.