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  • Alessandro Di Cara, PhD

    Senior Director Lead Biological Systems

    Leading expert in flow cytometry and systems biology. Senior bioinformatics scientist with a focus on exploratory immunological biomarker data analyses and long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Holds a doctorate in cell biology from Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel, Switzerland.

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  • Ali Sadighian

    Senior Vice President, Business Operations Rare and Orphan Solutions

    An accomplished and versatile leader with clinical development and R&D experience gained from academia, biopharma, and several top CROs. Possesses a unique set of skills from time spent as a laboratory researcher at the UCSD School of Medicine, in quality control in the biotech industry, in clinical operations, and as a senior executive. Dedicated to helping innovative companies bring new therapies to patients and families in greatest need.

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  • Andrea Cotton-Berry, MSc

    Global Head of Strategic Development Oncology Solutions

    Notable authority in global operations, dedicated to fostering team spirit of excellence and collaboration with internal and external partners. Veteran of the quest to improve oncology therapies and extend lives, including 15+ years in oncology drug development, building on 10 years in obstetrics and women’s health.

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  • Angelina Bisconte

    Scientific Business Development Manager

    Authority in utilizing human primary biological tissue and cells in research and drug discovery. Developer of translational biomarkers for Phase I/II clinical programs in autoimmunity, inflammation and cancer. Expert in phenotypic cell-based assays using multiple primary cell systems such as T/Th17/T-regs, NK-T, B/Plasma/Plasmablasts, Myeloid cells, Dendritic cells (pDCc/mDCs), and MDSCs. Strategist in multi-parametric single-cell flow cytometry and analysis of flow cytometry data. Broad network of contacts at clinical sites and research hospitals, experienced with IRB submissions and clinical protocols. Scientific leader for Precision’s Biomaterials commercial sourcing.

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  • Chad Clark


    Recognized industry leader focused on combining cutting-edge technology, strategic program design, and operational excellence to help life sciences companies effectively address the increasing evidence demands and need to accelerate research initiatives. Previous experience spans the execution of phase I-IV clinical trials, specialty lab services, biospecimen logistics and banking, risk management, and patient support initiatives.

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  • Christopher A. Ellis

    Senior Director Business Development, Oncology Solutions

    Long-established international clinical research executive, with a strong background in oncology clinical research. Specific expertise in support of Phase I-III programs. Serves as the primary business development contact for biotech and pharmaceutical clients on the east coast.

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  • Darren Davis, PhD

    Senior Vice President

    Visionary leader with more than 25 years of distinguished biotechnology and clinical translational research experience. Founded ApoCell in 2004 and later was instrumental in developing and commercializing the ApoStream® rare-cell liquid biopsy technology. Globally recognized cancer researcher and the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications. Dedicated and committed to improving the lives of patients with debilitating diseases.

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  • David Parker, PhD

    Senior Vice President Diagnostics Solutions

    Strategic visionary and healthcare industry veteran operates at the intersection of reimbursement, health economics, clinical science, and marketing strategy. Expertise encompasses all aspects of market access, reimbursement, and evidence development strategy, with a particular focus on personalized medicine, advanced molecular and companion diagnostics, and targeted therapies. Has launched successful products, guided major investment and acquisition decisions, and driven favorable coverage and payment determinations by public and private payers alike. Speaker and author.

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  • Deborah Phippard, PhD

    Senior Vice President Research

    Pharma industry veteran and expert at biomarker-driven clinical trial design and execution. Led biomarker and drug development programs for pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, as well as the National Institutes of Health. Spearheaded the discovery of pharmacodynamic biomarkers and novel targets for inflammatory disease therapy.

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  • Elizabeth Ludington, PhD

    Senior Vice President, Biometrics Rare and Orphan Solutions

    A seasoned veteran in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who worked for both CROs and sponsor companies. Provides statistical, technical, and strategic expertise for preclinical studies, INDs, Phase I-IV clinical studies, eCTDs, and postmarketing studies. Statistical experience includes study design, protocol review, and writing and reviewing analysis plans and statistical reports. Skilled at representing clients at meetings with regulatory authorities, and serves as a statistical consultant for programs at all phases of development.

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  • Ellen Morgan, MS

    President Rare and Orphan Solutions

    Passionate about helping underserved patient populations and a founder of Agility Clinical. Keenly focused on orphan drug development with extensive experience in biostatistics, data management, and clinical operations. Accomplished executive leader with numerous awards, including, “Most Admired CEO”, “100 Most Inspiring People in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, “Athena Pinnacle Award for Women in Science and Technology”, and Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Finalist. Prior positions include founder and CEO of Synteract, a full-service, international contract research organization serving biopharma companies.

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  • Eugen Koren, MD, PhD

    Senior Advisor Immunology

    Industry-leading expert in the immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins and gene therapy products. Leads development, validation, and implementation of assays for anti-drug antibodies. Assesses risks associated with anti-drug antibodies and predicts immunogenicity. Develops, validates, and implements PK assays for biotherapeutics.

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  • Gerald Messerschmidt, MD, FACP

    Chief Medical Officer Oncology Solutions

    Oncologist, hematologist and veteran expert in clinical research, clinical practice and development of pharmaceuticals, biologic products and immune modulation therapies. Dr. Messerschmidt was a primary consultant to the Moonshot 2020 program and is an authority in optimizing clinical trial designs to accelerate product approval. He has significant experience and credibility with the FDA and with regulatory authorities in Europe, Japan and other countries.

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  • Jared Kohler, PhD

    Senior Vice President Translational Informatics and Biometrics

    Extensive industry expertise across the pharmaceutical and biotech space—translational research, data management, and statistical support—with a focus in precision medicine-guided efforts in drug and diagnostic development. Subject matter expert in genomics. Pioneered approaches in biomarker data management and has led Biometrics operations on over 70 clinical studies.

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  • Jeffrey D. Seroskie, MS

    Senior Vice President Oncology Solutions

    Manages the execution and delivery of all clinical trials to ensure the highest quality service to its growing client base. Oversees the global governance for trials involving global partners. Has been a key member on the development teams for multiple registered products: Taxotere® (docetaxel), Tykerb® (lapatinib), Revlimid® (lenalidomide), Thalomid® (thalidomide), and Kyprolis® (carfilzomib).

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  • Jérôme Wojcik, PhD

    Senior Vice President Translational Informatics & Biometrics, Europe

    Noted bioinformatics expert across pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Focused on exploratory biomarker data analyses for the implementation of precision medicine. Specialized knowledge of operational management and biomarker data sciences. Former director of global bioinformatics at Merck Biopharma.

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  • Joseph Bower, PhD, MBA

    Vice President, Lab Operations

    Experienced senior leader spanning the academic, pharmaceutical, and CRO industries. Specific expertise in biotherapeutics and vaccines for preclinical and clinical development programs and in identifying the appropriate immunochemistry assays for new development programs. Broad record of accomplishment leading global teams, delivering business strategies, developing business, and ensuring operational excellence

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  • Julia Amo, MBA, PMP

    Chief Operating Officer Oncology Solutions

    Expert strategist for the pharmaceutical, CRO, and healthcare industries. Offers extensive multi-disciplinary drug development experience at the project, compound, and portfolio levels. Takes a sophisticated approach to the operations, infrastructure, and growth of Precision Oncology.

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  • Karen M. Becker, PhD

    Managing Director Translational and Regulatory Sciences

    Industry veteran focused on achieving FDA approvals for important new products. An authority on the strategic executions needed for truly innovative therapies to navigate the complex intersection of science, policy, and business. Expert in the entire FDA submissions process—including complex regulatory strategies, resolving significant post-market safety and regulatory compliance issues. Creator of many successful clinical and regulatory solutions for investors and their emerging companies, as well as global healthcare companies.

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  • Karen Richards

    Senior Vice President In Vitro Diagnostics and Quality

    Leader and innovator in the GMP/ISO/FDA/EU-regulated in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry. Spearheads regulatory approvals worldwide for both novel and traditional IVD assays and products, as well as laboratory developed tests in the United States. Builds ground-up quality systems, meeting the requirements of US FDA, ISO 13485, CLIA, and CAP.

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  • Karl Forner, MSc

    Senior Director Lead Informatics

    Respected expert in mathematics and fundamental and theoretical computer science. Strong focus on genetics. Developer of innovative bioinformatics algorithms for SNP analyses and genome-wide association studies. Avid proponent of and proactive contributor to the open source community.

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  • Kristi Clark, MBA

    Senior Vice President, Project Management and Clinical Operations Rare and Orphan Solutions

    A global business strategist with more than 20 years of experience in the biopharma and CRO industries. Her project and clinical management experience spans the full scope of studies. In-depth expertise in many therapeutic areas, including pediatric oncology, pediatric chronic pain, cancer pain, oncology, cardiovascular, CNS, biomarkers, infectious disease, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, Cystic Fibrosis, pediatric auto-inflammatory disorders, stem cell research, genetic sampling and medical device. Passionate about exploring ways to lessen the patient burden.

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  • Marc Lamarine, PhD

    Senior Director Lead Operations

    Leading expert in the analysis of large-scale, high-throughput genomics and genetics data. Statistical programmer combining computational and experimental methods in various therapeutic areas, eg, oncology and autoimmune disease.

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    +41 (0)22.552.0474
  • Marilyn Carlson, DMD, MD, RAC

    Senior Vice President, Medical, Regulatory, and Scientific Affairs Rare and Orphan Solutions

    Expert in the development, approval, and post-marketing support of pharmaceutical products across a wide variety of therapeutic indications. Has a wealth of medical, pharmaceutical, dental, regulatory, safety, and clinical experience. Recognized for her passion for working with start-up companies and entrepreneurs in the life sciences where no task is too big or too small. Pharmaceutical industry experience that includes Procter & Gamble Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, XOMA, Prometheus Laboratories, Synteract, and numerous clients through entreMeDica, Inc.

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  • Matthew Hall, PhD

    Senior Director Business Development

    Leading strategy expert in end-to-end bioinformatics and artificial intelligence solutions for biomarker-guided drug development, maximizing the value and utility of biomarker data in clinical trials, CDx, and diagnostics. Former CEO of SimplicityBio, holds a doctorate in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Lausanne.

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  • Merry Lee Bain, MS

    Vice President Medical Devices

    Industry veteran and renowned expert at guiding new medical devices through the FDA approval process, including the development and management of FDA submissions and the design and oversight of preclinical and clinical studies. Integral team member in the development of numerous devices, including implants, tissue-based devices, interventional radiology devices, and combination products, including antimicrobial-based devices.

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  • Patricia Devitt Risse, PharmD

    President Oncology Solutions

    Executive leader of Precision Oncology. Founded ACT Oncology. Guides strategic protocol design and study optimization on behalf of the company’s sponsors. Has extensive experience in Phase I-IV trials for most indications, including solid tumor and hematologic malignancies. Leads integrated teams to combine the strength of biomarker insights with clinical outcome data to optimize the development pathway.

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  • Patricia Terek, MSc

    Senior Director Business Development, Oncology Solutions

    Healthcare industry veteran of 30+ years bridges business development efforts and program implementation for optimal client satisfaction. Serves as the primary business development contact for biotech and pharmaceutical clients on the west coast.

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  • Pedro Faustino, MBA

    Senior Director Customer Solutions

    Deep expertise in healthcare technology with a focus on using artificial intelligence to help biopharma and diagnostic companies solve the question, "Which therapy, when, and for which patient?” Extensive industry knowledge across the pharmaceutical and biotech space—translational informatics, biomarker R&D. Holds an MBA and is passionate about exploring interfaces between people and tech, effective communication, hiking, and sailing.

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  • Rajiv Mahadevan, MBA

    Managing Director

    Key strategist with broad management expertise spanning operations, sales, business development and program management across the life sciences industry. Co-founded Applied Immunology that was acquired by Precision in 2016. Served as global health strategist for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Led business development efforts at 23andMe. Was centrally engaged in product development and commercialization for a multi-billion dollar novel therapeutic at Amgen.

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  • Robert Ott, MBA

    Vice President Business Operations, Oncology Solutions

    Deep knowledge of the contract research/pharmaceutical services industry developed over 20+ years in the field. Provides project leadership and executive support to clients and directs operational functions, resourcing, and business strategy internally, structuring Precision Oncology operations to match client needs.

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  • Roberto Lara

    Senior Director Business Operations, Head of Canadian Operations

    International CRO authority with 18+ years in the oncology drug development industry, spanning commercial operations, oncology and clinical operations, partnership development, and investigator networking.

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  • Scott Marshall, PhD

    Managing Director Translational Informatics and Diagnostic Sciences

    Extensive industry expertise across the pharmaceutical and biotech space—Dx regulatory submissions, translational informatics, biomarker R&D—with a focus in precision medicine-guided efforts as well as strategy development and medical device/diagnostic development. Globally responsible for translational informatics R&D efforts. Has led the development of novel methodologies for patient stratification and biomarker guided clinical trial design.

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  • Sven Olek, PhD

    Senior Vice President Research

    Inventor, industry expert, founder and leader of Epiontis. Developed the patents forming the basis of Epiontis’s intellectual property. Conducted pre- and postdoctoral research at the Center for Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (ZMBH) of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and the R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute, San Diego, California, USA. Received a BSc from the Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, London, and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of London.

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    +49 30 6392 3470
  • Tandy R. Tipps, PhD

    Vice President Oncology Solutions Site Network

    Leads Precision Oncology Site Network with a clear focus on consistently optimizing start-up at both academic and community-based sites across the United States and Europe. Previously oversaw the world’s largest phase 1 program for cancer research and treatment at the renowned University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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  • Teresa Hedrick, MT (ASCP), CCRC, CCRP, CCRA

    Director Clinical Trials

    Expert in laboratory testing and management, clinical trial coordination, clinical trial monitoring and management of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) clinical trials across multiple therapeutic areas. Optimizes team skills. Executed strategic design, planning, and implementation for over 40 pediatric and adult diagnostic, biologic, and pharmaceutical clinical studies.

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  • Tobias Guennel, PhD

    Vice President Translational Informatics and Biometrics, Chief Architect, QuartzBio

    Extensive industry expertise across the pharmaceutical and biotech space—regulatory submissions, translational informatics, biomarker R&D—with a focus in precision medicine-guided efforts as well as strategy development and medical device/diagnostic development. Led numerous analytical R&D efforts and developed novel methodologies to harmonize and analyze data from high-throughput assays, translating it to value at the patient level.

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  • Ulrich Hoffmueller, PhD, MBA

    Vice President Immune Monitoring Solutions

    Veteran biochemist, industry expert, cofounder of Epiontis. Earned a Master’s in Biochemistry from Humboldt University, a PhD at the Charité University Clinic receiving the Charité Research Award, and an MBA from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin, Germany.

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    +49 30 6392 3470

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