Enabling breakthroughs from benchtop to bedside.

Driving innovation across the product life cycle requires multi-faceted expertise. From scientific directors to formulary directors, Precision Medicine Group has amassed a team of industry leaders who provide deep insight at every milestone.

These leaders, collaborating within the multifaceted services at Precision Medicine Group, bring together the combination of skills needed for next generation drug development and commercialization.


Accelerating drug development with clinical, biomarker, and regulatory solutions.

Precision for Medicine

Clinical, biomarker, and regulatory solutions

Precision for Medicine
Oncology and Rare Disease

Fully integrated CRO devoted to oncology and rare disease


AI powered bio-informatics for translational research and clinical development


Expressing the value of medical and diagnostic breakthroughs to maximize market potential for key stakeholders.


Advancing market-access marketing through experiential strategy, effective value demonstration, and market-access-focused resource development.


Developing brand strategies, messaging, and engagement tactics to turn disruptive medical innovations into trusted treatments that change the standard of care.


Generating strategic, innovative, credible, and relevant evidence to support the development and commercialization of novel healthcare innovations.


Leveraging data science expertise to provide leading edge data management, predictive analytics, and customer engagement solutions.


Utilizing unique analytics-based solutions to inform patient journeys, payer projections, as well as global pricing, contracting and market access strategies.


Delivering medical and scientific communications that effectively interpret and translate the science of medicine throughout the commercial life cycle.

Stern Investor Relations

Provides premier investor relations services to the entrepreneurial healthcare and biotechnology sectors and represents prominent worldwide public and private companies across all market capitalizations, therapeutic areas and stages of development