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Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Compelling economic evidence speaks volumes across the access and reimbursement continuum

How Can Value In Cancer Care Be Redefined To Include What Patients Want?

As global health systems shift toward paying for value, not volume, the question has never been more important for oncology drug makers. Get answers in this groundbreaking study.

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With payers and policymakers both being critical gatekeepers to commercial success, you need to develop a compelling and relevant product value strategy early—and generate scientifically accurate evidence to support it. We can help. Our multidisciplinary team of experts, in collaboration with professors at elite universities, combines state-of-the-art research methods with market-driven strategies from the business, academic, and policy worlds. Together we serve as your dedicated scientific advisory panel, delivering practical insights that help you take action and present arguments to better inform your audiences.

  • Evidence strategy, generation, and communication

    Our customized strategic planning guides your evidence development, supporting tactical execution that advances your customer communications.

  • Evidence synthesis and decision modeling

    Through powerful research techniques we combine multiple sources of evidence to quantify risk-benefit, cost-effectiveness, and the societal impact of medical interventions.

  • Health policy

    We design and conduct innovative research on health policy and the value of innovation in healthcare, then share our findings with peer-reviewed journals and mainstream media to reach decision makers and thought leaders at the highest levels of business, government, and academia.

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