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Global Pricing and Product Strategy

Evidence-based positioning and pricing approaches substantiate your value

There Are Essential Market Considerations—Beyond Price—That Factor Into Biosimilar Adoption Rates

This Precision Brief harnesses proprietary research with payers and clinicians from 9 European countries to expose what’s driving customer decisions on anti-TNF biosimilars.

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We pair decades of practical payer experience with wide-ranging integrated services to guide your biopharmaceutical innovation to optimal market access. Our uniquely robust global pricing and market access support includes targeted analysis, insights, and evidence-based advice, delivered by a team of industry-leading experts.

  • The Precision difference. Providing knowledge born of experience and the ability to adapt to shifting market conditions

    Our company is built around medical innovation. We understand the challenges and opportunities created by precise, targeted treatments—and we answer them with precise, targeted solutions. We specifically tailor answers to your needs and your data, then ensure those answers translate effectively in a changing marketplace.

  • A flexible framework. Responding to an evolving marketplace

    Some challenges are effectively met by proven frameworks, while others demand the flexibility to produce results under shifting circumstances. We are known for both.

  • An evidence-based approach. Developing value-based pricing strategies

    Our pricing strategies clearly articulate the clinical evidence that substantiates value to global payers, regulators, and patients.

  • The insight of former payers. Applying real-world expertise to due diligence

    Backed by former payer decision makers from around the globe, our payer advisors capitalize on deep experience to develop your product and pricing strategy.

  • A seasoned team. Working with experience

    Only senior team members lead stakeholder interviews, bringing the skills and experience to probe and challenge effectively.

  • Integrated message development. Linking your communication strategy to your value proposition

    We think of the end from the beginning, so your marketing needs inform your strategy, just as your value proposition informs your communications.

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    Our Approach: A Structured Framework

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      Value proposition and price

      Assess product value and value-based price

      • Target positioning options
      • References
      • Net incremental benefit

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      Market assessment

      Assess the underlying market dynamics that will drive product value

      • Evolving disease and payer landscape
      • Payer evidence criteria and willingness to pay
      • Physician and patient influence
      • Competitive forces

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      Trade-off analysis

      Assess product- and market-level trade-offs to optimize pricing and access

      • Price-access trade-offs by market/channel
      • Cross-market launch sequence
      • Indication sequencing

    Global Pricing and Product Strategy—insights in action