Survey research, focus groups, and interviews

PHE employs a range of methods for eliciting stakeholder preferences. Interviews and focus groups can be used to conduct qualitative and exploratory research when the line of questioning may evolve as input is collected. More formal survey research methods enable drawing qualitative and quantitative conclusions from larger and more representative populations. PHE has access to a number of existing populations for survey research and can assemble custom populations as needed.

A number of survey methods can be used to quantify the value that stakeholders place on treatments and their attributes. A discrete choice experiment (DCE), for example, is a survey tool that allows us to quantify the relative preference for ‘attributes’ of treatments or health states that, in turn, can be modeled to provide estimates of relative value in dollar terms.

PHE determines which approach or technique is best suited for each situation, depending on the level of evidence required, the intended messaging, the target audience for the results, and the need for publication and external dissemination of the results.

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