Advancing evidence-based health policy

PHE research measures the impact of policy changes on the healthcare system, care delivery, patients, and society. PHE specializes in big-picture assessments, designed to link policies and other marketplace trends with broader impacts to the health and economic wellbeing of society at large. This research can be used to influence the debate using credible evidence.

PHE research considers the impact of policies already implemented (eg, FDAMA 114), policies in consideration for implementation (eg, Medicaid budget cuts), and hypothetical policies that serve to demonstrate a range of impacts relevant to decision-making. The scope of PHE’s assessments includes legislation, regulation, trends in insurer reimbursement policies, and trends in the marketplace more generally.

Examples of the broad range of policy assessments PHE has conducted include:

  • Impacts of biopharmaceutical budget caps on future biopharmaceutical innovation and public health
  • The value of the Ryan White Program for patients with HIV and the impacts of changes to state AIDS Drug Assistance programs
  • Market competition and safety considerations resulting from introduction of biosimilars
  • The impacts of policies promoting precision medicine and comparative effectiveness research
  • The public health benefits of different HCV screening and treatment scenarios

The results of PHE’s policy research are often published in leading journals of health policy and medicine. PHE has also collaborated with clients to arrange coordinated research initiatives. These initiatives have included policy events in Washington D.C. as well as special issues of leading journals such as Health Affairs and the American Journal of Managed Care to highlight broader themes across research studies.

PHE employs a range of methods to study the impacts of health policies. These include quasi-experimental designs for retrospective data analysis, evidence synthesis, modeling and microsimulation, advisory groups, and original data collection.


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