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Promotional Effectiveness

Prescriber-specific information engages and informs HCPs, elevating your pull-through strategies

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Once a product launches, you want to build market share. To do that you need to understand and capitalize on the influencers and healthcare providers shaping brand utilization—so you try to identify coverage policies, uncover true decision makers, and reveal pockets of suboptimal utilization compared to access. That’s where Precision for Value can help. We make pull-through tactics more effective by taking data you already have and using it to deliver physician-specific messaging that elevates market share. We are a team of former payers, seasoned brand marketers, and pull-through experts, backed by an unparalleled healthcare Business Intelligence group. Increase your market share by deploying our analytic-based strategies and proprietary pull-through tools to give your field force the information their HCPs want to see.

  • Cost & Coverage (C&C) Communicator. Prescriber-specific pull-through message platform

    Proprietary algorithms, organized by therapeutic area and configured to your strategy, deliver actionable pre-call planning information and messages tailored to each target prescriber’s practice. Proven to increase prescriber market share, our platform delivers through a variety of media, including, native applications, Veeva integration, Web, email, and print-on-demand—all with prescriber-specific messaging. See the details and review the case studies below.

  • Precision Payer Hierarchy. Effective strategy starts with understanding the architecture of payer decision-making

    Market-informed hierarchies furnish a robust understanding of influencers, maximize industry insights, and help better inform your business decisions.

  • Precision Provider Hierarchy and Electronic Health Record Optimizer. Demystifying decision-making at health systems, hospitals, and integrated delivery networks (IDN)

    Our health-system and IDN segmentation produces detailed, actionable planning and performance improvement recommendations stemming from our unique combination of experience, analytics, and market research.

  • Specialty Drug Policy Navigator. Local product reimbursement profiles and policies revealed

    Synthesized information details specialty drug coverage for a specific therapeutic area across a given geographic.

  • Quality Access Analytics. Closed-loop market access modeling

    We mine complex data sets to identify stakeholder influences, prioritize key opinion leader communication, and even illuminate electronic health record control and site-of-care influence across the continuum of care. Then we deliver—with payer control indices, prescriber-level opportunities, detail-enhanced contract strategies, targeted multichannel campaigns, and optimal sales resource alignment.

  • Precision Integrated Market Dashboard. Brand manager market access dashboards

    Intuitive dashboards monitor a brand’s formulary coverage and track related performance from multiple vantages and geographic levels to coordinate promotional efforts.

Precision Xtract, part of Precision Value & Health, extends our access offerings with a range of customized tools and services designed to maximize pull-through. Visit the website

    Closed Loop Market Access Marketing Approach to Brand Promotions Enabled by Better Data and Insight-Focused Analysis


    Precision Cost and Coverage (C&C) Communicator

    Improve pull-through with relevant, local prescriber-specific data

    Prescribers only care about their local access landscape—it’s what matters to their practice. Using a proprietary algorithm, the C&C Communicator delivers relevant local cost and coverage information for each prescriber, enabling you to significantly improve pull-through and increase prescriber confidence in your brand.

    • Relevant information tailored to each prescriber’s unique access landscape
    • Accurate data on local payer coverage and cost shares
    • Timely updates on formulary wins
    • Consistent branded communication templates
    • Efficient updates with no brand or agency staff required
    • Clean, user-friendly interface; easy for sales representatives to understand and use
    • Delivery through native applications, Veeva integration, Web, or email
    • Proven increase in prescriber utilization over non-messaged prescribers

    Promotional Effectiveness—Insights in Action

    Precision Medicine Group is an integrated team of experts in fields from advanced lab sciences to translational informatics and regulatory affairs, payer insights to marketing communications. Together, we help our pharmaceutical and life-sciences clients conquer product development and commercialization challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.