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Managed Markets Marketing

Distinctive value propositions resonate with managed markets decision makers

Insights to Access—Our executive briefing series

Precision offers an in-person, executive briefing series on critical issues affecting value propositions and market access. Insights to Access is available to select groups. Contact us for details.

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We don’t simply watch payers. We equip Payer Strategists (former payers themselves) and account team leaders with access to current managed markets professionals. The result: We have a peerless understanding of the thought process driving market access decisions. We can extract the most critical bits of information payers use to determine reimbursement. We share that knowledge with you—then embed it in your value messages, so your communications always include the evidence that is most relevant to key decision makers.

  • Customer insights

    Capitalizing on critical intelligence from current managed markets customers, we integrate this knowledge into your overarching strategy.

  • Payer value proposition development

    We craft messages that directly address the needs of managed markets decision makers across all critical market segments and stakeholder roles, while simultaneously considering brand objectives.

  • Account manager tools and resources

    We develop marketing strategies from traditional printed leave-behinds to innovative interactive tools—then offer on-point guidance on targeted and effective delivery.

  • Managed markets training

    Our comprehensive training ensures that account managers and field sales representatives are equipped with essential knowledge about complex marketplace issues, as well as the landscape dynamics that impact market access at large.

Precision Rapid Pulse surveys and analysis

Insights from your target customer in less than 72 hours While payer feedback and opinions are essential to crafting effective managed markets strategies, not every market question requires an expensive, time-consuming, in-depth research survey. The Rapid Pulse allows preapproved managed markets decision makers to complete short surveys on the go or in the office. It’s a quick, cost-effective way to gain essential customer insights.


Qnav® Quality Navigator

Swiftly identify strategic opportunities

Qnav combines proprietary technology and expert market insight with data derived from quality and performance metrics—including HEDIS® data, thanks to a unique agreement with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Qnav allows users to identify marketing opportunities for quality improvement strategies and align resources with specific quality needs:

  • Search quality measures across multiple data sets linked by intuitive domains
  • Produce broad and detailed views of quality performance across multiple measures and stakeholders of interest
  • Gain quick and actionable access to quality data and resources to discover new collaborations and support innovative solutions to healthcare quality challenges

Managed Markets Marketing—insights in action

Precision Medicine Group is an integrated team of experts in fields from advanced lab sciences to translational informatics and regulatory affairs, payer insights to marketing communications. Together, we help our pharmaceutical and life-sciences clients conquer product development and commercialization challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.