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The depth to innovate, the science and scale to accelerate

Global oncology and rare disease trials face complex, unique challenges. Precision partners with you to meet them head-on through our extensive footprint across Europe and North America. We succeed by pairing personalized clinical services with unparalleled translational medicine—making us the first fully integrated clinical research organization designed specifically for oncology and rare disease, created expressly to help advance the promises of precision medicine.
At Precision, one integrated team delivers a customized pathway for the development of your targeted therapy. We start with dedicated clinical development specialists; add research experts who deliver comprehensive operational solutions; top it off with the high science of our biomarker and translational analytics services.
Our offices span the globe—with local teams, both local and global regulatory knowledge, and more than 50 labs on 6 continents. That worldwide footprint and deep scientific expertise enable us to effectively run your most complex trials, anywhere in the world.
A full suite of clinical and translational services, providing the one stop you need to optimize the pathway for your precision medicine trial.
For an optimized clinical development plan, Precision harnesses our full range of comprehensive expertise to deliver innovative and cohesive thinking around medical, scientific, operational, statistical, and regulatory considerations. We then custom-tailor a solution—adaptive design, basket study, patient stratification, immune monitoring—to each study’s needs, helping novel therapies reach patients faster.

Biomarkers are the beginning, not the end

It takes expertise to translate strong science into the insights that accelerate approval. Gerald Messeschmidt, Chief Medical Officer, Oncology, explains.

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We understand and implement multifaceted integration of the clinical and translational pathway. Precision couples a biomarker strategy with advanced analytics through our biomarker informatics platform QuartzBio℠ to maximize evidence generation and more efficiently assess the biology, safety, and efficacy of advanced therapeutics.

We bring deep science to bear. Our integrated team will design a personalized approach, then generate robust scientific information to support dose selection, characterization of mechanism of action, and patient selection/stratification—ultimately reducing time to approval and increasing the value of your drug by bolstering the scientific understanding of the product.

We consider every pressure point. It’s not enough to address clinical trial issues—so through every phase of the developmental pathway we use our unique in-house expertise to probe the scientific, regulatory, and commercial factors that will shape the program and define its goals, and to develop proactively an effective risk-mitigation strategy.

We focus on market access from the start. The most successful clinical development plan may sacrifice value if it ignores commercial realities or fails to develop the evidence needed to maximize market access. That’s why we analyze market access considerations, then overlay them for target positioning and trial design.

Our consultative approach goes beyond the individual study

We consider the needs of the study, the regulatory process, the Sponsor company. Elizabeth Ludington, Senior Vice President, Biometrics, explains.

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Our dedicated team of trial experts delivers personalized, hands-on service and tailored strategies for managing all aspects of complex oncology and rare disease trials. We draw on the expertise of the full Precision family to obtain, analyze and apply integrated translational and clinical data—and our global footprint to deliver results wherever your trial may be. With this comprehensive approach, you can make informed decisions at every step, ultimately accelerating development.

Study Startup: Our exclusive Oncology Site Network comprises global community and academic centers, each with the critical capabilities necessary for predictable, consistent startup and enrollment of precision medicine oncology trials. In rare disease—where patient enrollment is a critical challenge—our deep connections with patient advocacy groups and key opinion leaders help speed recruitment and hasten startup.

Study Monitoring: Precision clinical research associates (CRAs) are site ambassadors, and our model for clinical monitoring provides the framework to make this possible. Our CRAs are assigned to a trial based on their experience, relative to the tumor type or rare disease area and trial design, and focus exclusively on 1–2 trials at a time. Precision CRAs are the key point of contact for all site monitoring and study logistics.

Project Management: Our studywide PMs are experienced in collaborating across translational science and clinical operations, working closely with each site to deliver real-time, quality biomarker and clinical endpoint data that support rapid, informed decision-making.

Study Quality: We start by building quality into all of our SOPs—then have executives conduct quality reviews of every deliverable, every week, supplemented by quarterly review board meetings with the project teams and sponsors.

Medical Monitoring: Our in-house team consists of licensed and board-certified physicians—all experienced in clinical research, all knowledgeable about numerous oncology indications and various types of rare disease. They know our processes; they know your disease state; they know how to keep your trial on track.

Data Management: Our full-service, independent data management operations work cross-functionally to ensure we deliver quality clinical data as early in the data cycle as possible, reducing errors and increasing trial efficiencies. We harness key electronic data capture (EDC) systems: Oracle InForm™, Medidata, DataTrak, and Medrio.

Clinical Data Review: Custom programmed for each study, our proprietary Smart Patient Profile (SPP) provides a holistic, real-time view of each patient’s data with smart edit checks tailored to each protocol. This supports in-depth clinical data review via remote monitoring: Investigators and sponsors can quickly understand how patients respond to treatment; CRAs and the data review team can resolve queries and reduce time on site.

Clinical Biometrics: One of the industry’s most robust teams of clinical biostatisticians provides trial design consultation, statistical methodology recommendations, programming expertise, and data interpretation—delivering your trial results efficiently and on time. Senior-level statistical oversight, industry-standard SAS® software, and validation by an independent programmer reinforce quality control.

Regulatory Compliance: Oncology and rare disease create novel regulatory challenges. Our seasoned team is well-versed in global regulations, and works with you from the start to ensure your strategy is sound, your communications are clear, your data are correctly formatted—every potential barrier to success is removed.

Medical Writing: Using ICH-compliant templates, we deliver a range of documents from protocol development to clinical study reports, all developed per sponsor specifications, all thoroughly reviewed by our medical, statistical, and editorial teams.

Drug Safety: Our Safety Specialists are a team of registered nurses and healthcare professionals—uniformly experienced in oncology and rare disease—who provide full-service pharmacovigilance and safety surveillance over all protocols and events and use Oracle Argus™ for safety case processing.

One Core Team. One Core Solution.
The power of advanced biomarker expertise. Deep, hands-on clinical trial experience. And a passion for oncology and rare disease.
At Precision, translational sciences do not operate in a silo. Yes, we have unsurpassed laboratories that deliver consistent results worldwide. Yes, we offer superior logistics, meticulous sample handling, industry-leading quality systems. Yes, we have QuartzBio℠, proprietary software that enables us to swiftly harmonize and visualize 10 million+ data points of biomarker data. Yet, the power comes from the seamless integration of those capabilities with our clinical development—speeding informed decision-making so you can avoid roadblocks and accelerate targeted drug delivery.

Critical decisions hinge on knowing what your data really says

Real-time, indepth analysis pulls the essential insights from biomarker data. Chad Clark, President, Precision for Medicine, explains.

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A More Integrated and Effective Approach to Biomarker Data Management
Hamonize. Synthesize. Collaborate. The power of a highly integrated approach to translational research.

Precision Medicine Group is an integrated team of experts in fields from advanced lab sciences to translational informatics, adaptive clinical trial execution to regulatory affairs, payer insights to marketing communications. Together, we help our pharmaceutical and life-sciences clients conquer product development and commercialization challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.

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