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Translational Informatics and Biometrics

Rapidly interrogate any specialty lab or clinical data to stratify patients and swiftly reach actionable information


WEBINAR: Overcome Data Chaos with QuartzBio

Catch our latest webinar with Fierce Biotech on how to leverage advances technologies to seamlessly transform millions of data points into actionable insights. Hear from our experts Scott Marshall, PhD, and Tobi Guennel, PhD.

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Whether you have high-throughput genomic data or high-content data for immune monitoring, we can meet the challenges of managing, analyzing, and synthesizing it to accelerate new discoveries, identify drug targets, characterize MoAs, and develop biomarkers for patient selection. This work is grounded in passion: For translational informatics and data science. For genomics and computational biology. For biostatistics. Throughout, we accelerate decision making by leveraging our translational informatics platform, QuartzBioSM.

Biomarker data management. Rapidly harmonize, synthesize, and visualize specialty lab data from multiple vendors and diverse assays.

Biomarker statistics. Stratify patients, identify a novel drug target, or understand an MoA. Our team of experts deploys novel algorithms and strategies to uncover hidden insights.

Immuno-informatics. Flow cytometry and immunosequencing produce high-content data, which can be complex to mine—especially manually; our team infuses your research with efficiency and reproducibility.

Biometrics. Our unified data management and biostatistics solution provides efficient out-of-the-box solutions for cutting-edge products with aggressive development timelines.

A More Integrated and Effective Approach to Biomarker Data Management

The expertise and operational scale to support biomarker-guided drug discovery and development efforts

Precision Medicine Group is an integrated team of experts in fields from advanced lab sciences to translational informatics and regulatory affairs, payer insights to marketing communications. Together, we help our pharmaceutical and life-sciences clients conquer product development and commercialization challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.

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