Unique solutions for sampling and logistics for your littlest patients

Researchers conducting clinical trials in pediatric populations face numerous challenges. For your littlest patients, sampling and logistics can be especially difficult to manage. Solutions that reduce blood draws, volumes, and simplify logistics can make studies more viable for our most precious patients and their parents.

Precision for Medicine’s unique, clinically-proven technology for monitoring immune markers and immune status, Epiontis ID™, is a solution that can help overcome these challenges.

  • Patient-friendly sampling for infants and children: Epiontis ID has much smaller sample volume requirements than other immune monitoring assays. Epiontis ID uses no more than 75 μL of blood and can even analyze “leftover” samples such as pellets or blood clots that may otherwise be discarded.
  • Simplified global logistics: Pediatric studies often require more sites and investigators than trials in adults. Epiontis ID requires only a small number of cells and no specialized processing or shipping; samples for Epiontis ID can be frozen, need not contain live cells, and can be shipped in batches.
  • Proven and consistent results: Epiontis ID is, by design, a technically simple assay to run. This simplicity ensures robust and reproducible results across studies. As of 2018, Epiontis ID has been used to analyze over 62,000 samples.

At Precision, we’re dedicated not only to innovative technologies, but to providing solutions specifically tailored to the needs of each of our clients and patients. We’ve conducted over 100 trials in rare and orphan diseases, and can apply that knowledge to the unique needs of your study.

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Peer-Reviewed Research: Precision for Medicine’s Epigenetic Immune Cell Diagnostic Tool Epiontis ID Shows Promise in Detecting Severe Immune Diseases Not Currently Identified in Newborn Screenings


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